Custom Hats

Every hat at Aspen Hatter is custom made and tailored to each client’s unique preferences. We offer many styes, colors, bands, and shapes. We want every hat to represent the customer. From traditional to completely new and artistic, your hat will be one of a kind.

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You can begin your design process with one of our hatters in Aspen or Austin


About Us


Chris Roberts spent most of his life in Austin, TX until 2013, when he made the move to Aspen, Colorado. He has been an athlete, an artist, musician, an avid outdoorsman, adventurist, and at his core he is a jack of all trades with an impeccable eye for style.

He started making custom hats and jewelry solely for family and friends over the last decade. After receiving strong feedback and requests from his community, Aspen Hatter now has two small locations inviting customers into the workshop environment. He uses his innovation and style while staying true to his roots. Designing for the niche clientele, we use our intuitive design to create for an array of lifestyles, including athletes, cowboys, artists, and CEOs.


Our Design

Working with the best materials available, your hatter has the creative freedom to combine hand woven ribbon, vintage fabric, bandana, varieties of feathers, or deer intestine thread.


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