The Aspen Hatter

Chris Roberts spent most of his life in Austin, Texas, until 2013, when he made the move to Aspen, Colorado with his family. He has also lived in Jackson, Wyoming and the Turkey Track Ranch in Stinette, Texas, and travels to Los Angeles and New York often. He has been an athlete, an artist, an avid outdoorsman, adventurist, and at his core he is a jack of all trades with an impeccable eye for style. Making custom hats and jewelry solely for himself for the last decade, he is recognized as being innovative with his style while staying true to his roots.

Now branching out and designing for the public, Chris's flair for intuitively creating personal designs for both men and women is a rare find in a generation where hats are becoming "hip" and found virtually everywhere on everyone.  Chris has also been known to choose to pass on a hat from time to time, avoiding becoming too mainstream, rendering his hatmaking process a personal touch for each client. Whether you're open to experimenting with your style or look or know what you desire out of a hat, the Aspen Hatter is your guy.